Saturday, March 24, 2012

So it begins--!

Good golly, can you believe that it's that time of year already?!  Here we are in the last throes of March, and we already have some 2,000 plants in the ground, not to mention all the crops that were direct-seeded!  Holy moly! 

This season is looking to be a good one.  We have the orchard planted, raspberries and blackberries rearing to go, the asparagus is coming back, the rhubarb is growing, a windbreak is planted and the chicks will be here before we know it (typing it all out reeeeally makes me feel like I am about to be REALLY busy!).  Almost all of our plants for the spring are planted and already germinated--weather permitting, we are in terrific shape.

We are still accepting applications for our CSA, so tell your friends!

I have a ton of pictures to upload, and once I get them all edited and ready to go, you best believe I'll have one LOADED post for you!  But until then, I'll leave you with this tiny update. :)

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