Saturday, March 31, 2012

2012 CSA Update--wow, is it great out or what?!

Hi all!  Can you believe we're on the eve of April, and it's supposed to be hovering around 90* the next few days?!  Jeesh!  Where has the spring gone? 

We want to welcome all our new folks to our CSA this year--good to have you all!  We're looking forward to getting to know everyone.

This fabulous (slash-ridiculous-weird-unnerving) weather has put us WAY ahead of schedule.  In fact, I checked our records and this time last year we were just starting seeds about two weeks ago.  Currently, we're looking at possibly starting up pick-ups in 40-45 days--wowsers!  Talk about an early season!

Keith and I have been extremely busy the past two or three weeks getting things in the ground.  We have about a half acre full of spring vegetables--and when I say full, I mean FULL.  Ready for the list?  Here we go--

Collard greens
Turnip greens
Mustard greens
White onions
Red onions
Yellow onions
Pak Choi
Radishes x3
Peas x2
Parsnips x2
Swiss chard x2
Lettuces x5
Beets x3
Cabbage x3
Broccoli x2
Cauliflower x2
Asian cabbage
Broccoli raab x2
Potatoes x2
Green beans

.. And probably some other things, but seriously, I'm exhausted and seriously, it's a miracle that I'm even typing!  You get the gist--there is a LOT of food in the ground!  If you're keeping track, that's just shy of 50 varieties in the ground.  Whoa buddy.  After last year's crap weather and the Feast of the Mice, we took no chances and over-planted (knock on wood).  There are still a few dozen spring crops to get in the ground, and Monday we're starting all the summer goodness (tomatoes, squash, cukes .. mm-mm)!

If you aren't on our Facebook, you've missed out a few updates.  We have a twenty-tree orchard planted, which won't be harvested for a few years yet but when it is, oh boy!  We also just planted a sixty-tree strong windbreak, which also won't be helpful for a few years but we're mighty excited to have it!

Our chicks will arrive Monday, and I can't wait to have that many little cutenesses running around, even though that's another 200 mouths to feed.  Our current layers are on vacation again, imagine that--in spring, the time of being up to your eyeballs in eggs, our girls take a break.  Only ours, I'll tell ya what--!  They are laying semi-regularly now, and wherever they want, which means we're doing a lot of easter egg hunting to find them.  Eggs are still available from the farm, and we also are proud to be supplying MariMann Herbs and Macon Corner Market with eggs on a regular basis.

Our last major task to prepare for the season is reclaiming the asparagus, rhubarb and herb bed, and getting it fenced in (do you know how much chickens LOVE asparagus tips?).  The excessive weed growth that we thought buried everything last year did a fabulous job in mulching it, so it isn't as bad as we were anticipating--but it's still going to be a lot of work.

Doesn't this weather pattern seem oddly familiar?  Early warmth and below average precipitation?  I know you're all excited about this fantastic weather, and so are we to an extent, but remember:  we can't grow food without water!  So next time you're basking outside in the sun, do maybe just a little rain dance for us--ask for slow, gentle soakers that will really coax things into growing!  No floods, no winds, no ridiculous storms--just gentle, steady rain!

Well, dear shareholders, I'll cut this off for now (because it's nine thirty and honestly, this is the latest I've been up in AWHILE).  Soon I'll put a post up on here with pictures (I have a billion, just haven't had time to edit them), because everything is just beautiful!  Also, we still haven't pinned down a date for our shareholders' meeting, but we'll get back to you on that stat.

See you all soon!

- Keith & Sierra

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