Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The First Pick-up; or, The Longest Day of the Year

Can you guys BELIEVE it?!  Our first pick-up for 2012 is April 24.  APRIL 24!  Good golly.  This time last year, I swear, we were just getting things into the ground--mainly because of 14 inches of rain over about two days that completely waterlogged the field.  And here we are, with a ginormous harvest for our first pick-up.  Just awesome!

So, let's get to the numbers--


Pak Choi - 23 lbs
Komatsuna - 4 lbs
Tatsoi - 5 lbs
Radishes - 9.5 lbs
Mustard - 7.5 lbs
Spinach - 14 lbs (!)
Lettuce Micro Mix - 8lbs
Arugula - 5 lbs
Collards - 19 lbs

GRAND TOTAL - 96 lbs

Jeeeeeeeeesh!  Almost a one hundred pound harvest--ON APRIL 24.  This all broke down to about ten pounds of produce for the each of you.  Gee willikins!

Now, I know I promised you some recipes, but I am BEAT.  We got up and started picking by 6:30 this morning (did we mention that we pick all of your shares the morning of pick-ups?  Find THAT in a grocery store!), worked through the day, ended shares at 7, cleaned up for about an hour, went out to grab a quick eat, came home and showered and then I sat down to write this.  Boy am I BUSHED.  So, I'm going to wait til the morning to post recipes.  In the mean while, just know that, basically, a green is a green is a green--they are all delicious in salads, nothing in your share HAS to be cooked to be great, but you can't fail with a wilted greens salad or by throwing them in a pasta with a simple sauce.  Mm-mm!

So, kids--I'll be back tomorrow with recipes, fingers crossed!

Happy eating!