Wednesday, October 19, 2011

We're still kickin; (sort of)

I recently figured out how to tether my phone to my laptop, so hurrah!, we have the internet!

The farm's been dead and dying since July, with our last farmer's market attendance in early July and our last CSA pick-up in .. early August, I believe.  But we've been working really hard on getting greens growing in our polyhouses, and they're looking great!  We had a few pick-ups for apples from a local abandoned orchard, but the fall Bomb-winds foiled us again by knocking most of the Golden Delicious apples off before they were even ripe, so we just called it quits on that one too.  But next year, we'll be taking care of the orchard (hopefully) and have an even better harvest in the fall!

This weekend we're planning on holding our first fall pick-up, which will include arugula, pak choi and kale.  They look awesome!  I'll post pictures soon.  A LOT of pictures.  I honestly forgot about this blog, as I never had access to it before.  But now I'll try to keep it a little more regularly updated!

So, pictures and recipes to follow (tonight or tomorrow).

Thanks to all of our great CSA-ers who have been so understanding and supportive of this terrible season!

- Keith & Sierra

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