Wednesday, October 19, 2011


So, here are the promised photos.  It's epically cold outside, so I just ran out and snapped a few of the polyhouse.  I'll get more up of the chickens and whatnot when I get around to editing them all (seriously, I have an entire SEASON of photos sitting on my desktop computer).
The view down the middle of the polyhouse from about halfway.
Oodles of lettuce seedlings; not sure where to plant these guys.

Onions, onions and more onions--and some leeks.  Where to plant?!

Arugula, mmm!

Kale, looking just gorgeous.

Pak choi, our favourite summer (and now fall) green.

Spinach, not quite ready for harvesting yet.

Itsy bitsy, tiny baby swiss chard, freshly mulched in hay and leaves.

I don't think these tomatoes are ever going to turn.  They're gigantinormous!

Hope this just whets your appetite for fall greens!  They're loving the cool (-slash cold) weather!

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